Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Back Pain Makes Me Feel Sick

What does it mean if my back pain makes me feel sick? This is a question that many people ask themselves, as many people experience this type of pain. There are many different causes of this type of pain and it is important to identify the issues in order to address the issue. Pain in the back region can be very severe and, as is the case with any severe pain, this can result in nausea. If your pain is causing nausea and sickness you need to get the cause identified sooner rather than later so that the underlying problem can be sorted out.

Pain can strike in any part of the back such as the lower, middle, or upper back. The location can depend on the cause of the pain. A trip to your doctor can help to determine what is causing the problem, and this may be confirmed by processes such as x-rays or scans. The treatment for your pain can then be determined based on the cause.

Ways in which your condition may be treated

Once the doctor has identified the cause of the pain he or she can decide upon the best course of treatment for the underlying condition. However, in the meantime you may need to take something to alleviate the discomfort and nausea. Some of the possible treatment options may include:

  • Oral medication: You may be given oral medication to deal with the pain, inflammation and nausea. This could include anti-inflammatory drugs to ease the inflammation that can be caused by some conditions

  • Steroid injections: If there is any inflammation caused by the condition it may be treated with epidural steroid injections

  • Physical therapy: In order to alleviate your symptoms your doctor may send you for physical therapy, which may involve manipulation, massage, and exercise

  • Surgery: Depending on the condition you may be recommended for surgery, although this is usually a last resort for back problems due to the low level of success

Ease the symptoms with stretching and exercise

For most back issues exercise and stretching is an important part of alleviating symptoms and aiding recovery. You may therefore find that doing some stretches and exercise at home can really help to keep the pain and nausea at bay. Whilst this may not deal with the actual root of the issue it will offer a range of benefits for those with back problems. Stretching can help to increase mobility and flexibility as well as increasing blood circulation. It can also strengthen the muscles and spine, stretch the muscles and ease the symptoms. You can do these stretches at home when it suits you, making this a good self-help remedy.

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